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Exchange Programs

Exchange students from our partner universities are welcome to register for one or two academic semesters. Students will be able to take advantage of one of the best school environments in Lima. Our university is located in Surco, a modern and central residential area in Lima.

Universidad ESAN also provides exchange students with the opportunity to learn about the richness of the Peruvian culture, center of the ancient civilization of the Incas, which is still present in our customs, rites and art. This can be appreciated in museums and in archaeological remains and places located in different cities of the coast, highlands and jungle.

It is worth mentioning that Peru has been able to achieve an excellent economic performance during the last few years, making Peru the country with the highest current economic growth in Latin America. In this way, it is an ideal learning space for students interested in learning about the economic reality of Latin America and how to do business in the region. Universidad ESAN will not only provide students with formal knowledge in their interest field, but also with the tools needed to facilitate their integration into the global context, (as well as with an intensive use of information technology and systems.)

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